I’m Considering Divorce, What Should I Do Next? How to Prepare Financially for Divorce [Webinar]

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    In this 30-minute webinar hosted by award-winning collaborative divorce attorney and mediator Andrea Vacca and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Ivy H. Menchel, CFP®, CBEC, CDFA, you will learn how to:

    ✓ Gather and organize your most important financial information
    ✓ Understand what assets will be divided in a divorce - and what assets may not
    ✓ Calculate your cash flow and its impact on spousal and child support
    ✓ Begin working on your financial and asset disclosure statements,
    ✓ and much, much more!

    Join the countless families that have benefited from the legal and divorce financial planning expertise from Andrea Vacca and Ivy H. Menchel.

    Watch the replay of the educational webinar, and learn how to prepare for your family's financial future.