Connor Sinsimer

Marketing Coordinator

Connor Sinsimer, Marketing Coordinator

Connor Sinsimer is the Marketing Coordinator at Vacca Family Law Group. With over five years of experience in law firm marketing, Connor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm's marketing efforts. His primary focus is on helping clients understand the benefits of working with non-adversarial attorneys and avoiding the court system when it comes to their matrimonial and divorce-related matters.

Connor manages all aspects of the firm’s marketing activities and ensures that the firm’s communications consistently deliver value to its clients, as well as the many trusted professionals with whom the firm collaborates. Connor regularly works with other departments within the firm to deliver exceptional service.

Prior to joining Vacca Family Law Group, Connor worked with attorneys in various practice areas. His experience marketing for litigators at midsize law firms provides him with valuable insights into the legal industry. In addition to his legal marketing expertise, Connor’s over four years of experience in personal selling and sales management enhances his ability to understand and connect with clients.

Connor earned his B.S. in Marketing and Certificate in Communications from Thomas Edison State University in 2022. His marketing expertise and dedication to supporting clients seeking non-adversarial solutions contribute to the firm's mission of fostering amicable resolutions in family law matters.

I work diligently to effectively communicate the benefits of working with our non-adversarial attorneys and mediators to help clients achieve their goals for a divorce that will provide them with a better future on the other side of their marriage.

Connor embraces changing circumstances and unexpected challenges by remaining flexible in addressing client needs with empathy and respect. His dedication to adaptability ensures that he can effectively navigate the evolving landscape of family law and consistently provide innovative marketing solutions.