Practice Areas

Through collaborative divorce or Mediation, we help you and your spouse resolve the following issues to achieve an agreement that lets you both move toward the future:

Divorce & Separation

At Vacca Family Law Group, we strive to help our clients separate and divorce in the most respectful and non-adversarial and way possible through either collaborative divorce or mediation.

Property Division

When it comes to property division, our ultimate goal is to find solutions that not only meet our client’s individual needs, but also feel fair and equitable to the other party.

Spousal Support

The issue of spousal support is often a challenging and divisive aspect of the divorce or separation process. In addition to the obvious financial issues that arise, there are many emotions associated with paying or receiving spousal support.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

We help our clients negotiate prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that will not only meet their individual needs and preserve the relationship with their future spouse but will also be enforceable in the event of divorce or death.

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High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is a complex legal matter, and high net worth divorce is particularly complicated. Vacca Family Law Group understands that high net worth couples who are divorcing have complicated financial affairs to protect and that they value discretion and privacy.

Discover whether collaborative divorce or mediation is the right option for you.