Mediation Consulting

What is Mediation Consulting?

Even though mediation can prevent you from going to court, it doesn’t prevent you from needing an attorney. The mediation process simplifies dispute resolution in divorce, but if you don’t understand your rights and know how to achieve your objectives, you could end up frustrated by the results. That’s where mediation consulting comes in.

Sound legal advice and representation can make all the difference. A mediation consulting attorney provides valuable assistance as you prepare for mediation, during the mediation process itself, and makes sure you end up with a well-written agreement that properly addresses the terms.

Four Reasons Why You Should Work with a Mediation Consulting Attorney

Although the benefits you gain from working with a mediation consulting attorney will be tailored to your unique needs, there are some overall reasons why it is a good idea to confer with an attorney as part of the mediation process:

  •  A consulting attorney will always have your back. Couples must realize that the mediator works for both spouses and is committed to remaining neutral. On the other hand, your consulting attorney will always focus on your needs, your goals, and your best interests.
  • You can gain a sense of empowerment. When you have a ready source of legal advice available to you during the mediation process, you are better prepared and more confident when dealing with complicated issues or making important decisions in the mediation room.
  • A consulting attorney can ensure you understand the impact. You will deal with a variety of issues during divorce, and a consulting attorney can explain the impact of proposals so that you can fully evaluate your options before reaching a decision.
  • You can avoid wasting time. There are few things in life more frustrating than spending months negotiating an agreement only to have to start over because one party waits until the end to obtain legal advice and then questions the terms he or she agreed to. When both spouses work with mediation consulting attorneys from the start, the process can be much more efficient.

Many times, couples want to avoid attorneys because they think this will help reduce conflict and costs. However, working with an attorney experienced in mediation can prevent conflict and save money in the long run.

Protecting Your Rights

Although mediation is a relatively informal process, the outcome is to reach an agreement that is just as legally binding as a ruling handed down in a courtroom. An experienced attorney can help you understand the ramifications of alternatives proposed in negotiations and ensure that you understand both what you are gaining and what you may be giving up.

If you cannot have a lawyer with you during a mediation session, it is wise to have an attorney review notes or memos from that meeting to stay up to date on the discussions being had and the progress being made. Additionally, your consulting attorney will always review and provide feedback on the terms of any agreements that have been drafted so that you can be confident that you know what you are signing.

Protecting Your Priorities

Before you can get what you want from the mediation process, you need to know your objectives and priorities. An experienced mediation consulting attorney could help you clarify what is most important to you and formulate a plan to achieve your desired outcome.

For instance, if you really want to keep the family home, a mediation consulting attorney could help you figure out the right bargaining tools to enable you to walk away from the process with your home intact. If you own a business, your attorney could help devise a plan to allow you either to take control or to exit with fair compensation for your interests. A mediation consulting lawyer could also provide coaching on what to expect and how to handle different points of contention during mediation.

Work with an Attorney Experienced in Mediation Strategy

Legal representation can help you get the most from the mediation process, but only if you work with the right attorney. Ideally, you want a legal advocate who not only believes in the benefits of mediation, but also has extensive experience helping clients achieve the results they want through the process.

Vacca Family Law Group Helps with Mediation Consulting

Our mediation consulting attorneys champion your rights without the adversarial mindset so common in legal disputes. It can be challenging to strike just the right balance between advocacy and conciliation to achieve compromise solutions that satisfy both parties, but that’s what sets us apart from other attorneys. 

At Vacca Family Law Group, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through mediation while helping them to advocate for themselves in that process. We would be happy to talk to you about how we could help you throughout the mediation process.  You can call us at 212-768-1115 or contact us online