What is Mediation?

Mediation is a constructive and voluntary approach to resolving family, matrimonial, and divorce-related conflicts to reach mutually agreeable solutions. In mediation, a skilled and neutral trained mediator will assist you and your spouse in gaining clarity, understanding priorities, and reaching solutions that cater to each of you, especially during the challenges of divorce.

Unlike the adversarial nature of traditional divorce litigation, which often involves prolonged court battles, mediation offers an alternative route to resolution. In divorce mediation, the mediator creates an environment where you and your spouse can explore and devise solutions tailored to your individual needs and concerns, including the best interests of any children involved.

Benefits of Choosing Mediation

Mediation is an advantageous process for family and divorce-related matters. Whereas traditional courtroom battles can leave both parties dissatisfied with the outcome, mediation is designed to foster cooperation, leading to agreements that genuinely work for everyone involved. Key advantages of mediation include:

  1. Time, Money, and Energy Savings: Mediation leads to faster resolutions, sparing you and your spouse from prolonged stressed, uncertainty, and increased costs associated with lawyer-to-lawyer negotiations and courtroom proceedings.
  2. Civil and Amicable Atmosphere: Mediation promotes a respectful and dignified environment, preserving relationships and transforming the process from adversarial to collaborative.
  3. Legally Binding Agreements: Agreements reached through mediation are legally binding, offering the same legal protections as court-ordered rulings.

How Mediation Works

In the mediation process, you and your spouse participate in three-way meetings facilitated by an impartial trained mediator. These sessions serve as platforms for open communication, information sharing, and issue identification, with the goal of reaching a fair and acceptable agreement for both parties.

Consulting with Professionals

In addition to consulting with your own attorney, your mediator may suggest involving other professionals such as financial advisors, parenting specialists, divorce coaches, valuation experts, and appraisers. These experts enhance the quality of agreements and reduce overall costs by providing expert guidance on the specific financial, child-related, and emotional issues relevent to your situation.

Family-Related Legal Issues That Can Be Resolved Through Mediation

Mediation can effectively address various family law and divorce-related issues, including:

Differences from Traditional Divorce Litigation

Mediation offers a cooperative and non-adversarial approach to resolving divorce disputes, in contrast to the combative nature of a traditional courtroom divorce. Key differences include:

  1. Flexibility: Mediation allows for unique, tailored solutions that litigation may not provide.
  2. Privacy: Sensitive discussions are kept private, keeping your personal information out of public records.
  3. Cooperation and Control: Mediation emphasizes cooperation, gives you more control over the process, and equips parties with conflict resolutions skills for future disputes.

Is Mediation Right for You?

Mediation suits individuals who can communicate effectively, are open to compromise, and have relatively equal standing. Consider whether you and your spouse are both able and willing to engage in dialogue, maintain an open minds, and work towards mutually acceptable solutions. If you're unsure, consulting with one of our experienced mediation attorneys can provide clarity on whether mediation is the right process for you given the intricacies of your unique situation.

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