High Net Worth Divorce

Contrary to popular expectations, having a high net worth does not necessarily subject you to a high-conflict divorce. We have helped many couples with considerable assets resolve differences and reach divorce agreements out of court, keeping the entire process civil and private.

Clients with assets in the millions or more seem to bring out the killer instinct in their divorce attorneys. These lawyers convince themselves and their clients that the only way to achieve their objectives is to launch an all-out battle in court using every hostile tactic known to humanity.

Our clients offer living proof that there is a better way to navigate through a high net worth divorce. We help high net worth couples save money, time, and stress through the collaborative divorce process or mediation so they are prepared to move forward after their divorce.

Specialized Support During Divorce

High net worth divorces are certainly more complicated, but with the right support team, complex financial, legal, and emotional issues can be resolved without conflict. For support during the process, your team might include:

  • Divorce coaches to help neutralize emotional triggers that can overwhelm and hijack the negotiation process. For instance, if both spouses have strong voices and competitive natures, or one spouse tends to overshadow the other, a divorce coach could help ensure that the concerns of each spouse are raised and addressed calmly and rationally.
  • Financial neutrals to help couples understand the future impact of economic decisions. Independent certified divorce financial analysts and other financial professionals can assist with valuing and dividing complex assets such as private equity investments, art collections, stock options, and privately-owned businesses.
  • Attorneys and mediators to help negotiate resolutions. In the collaborative divorce process, each spouse retains an attorney who represents their interests and works to achieve their objectives through rational discussions. In mediation, the couple works directly with a trained mediator to reach an agreement.

When You Stay Out of Court, You Can Stay in Control

If divorce issues are resolved through litigation, the judge is the one calling the shots. On the other hand, when a couple works to resolve their differences out of court, they remain in control. Property division, spousal support, and custody arrangements are all decided together.

Keeping a divorce out of court allows couples to come up with creative solutions that further their objectives. Everything—from initial negotiations to final resolutions—can remain completely private. The amount of money that could be saved by handling divorce without courtroom drama can be astonishing.

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