New York City Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Seeking creative resolutions without litigation? We can help. At Vacca Law & Mediation, we help clients dissolve their marriages without litigation. With discretion, elevated service and a flexible approach, we specialize in finding creative (and sometimes unconventional) solutions that are right for each client’s unique situation. Ready to move forward? Contact us.
Why choose Vacca Law & Mediation?
  • Discretion and privacy are paramount. Due to high-net worth, celebrity status or impeccable reputations, our clients have come to expect the utmost discretion. We handle every client with care.
  • You have the control. Our New York City collaborative divorce lawyers believe that court should be the last resort to make important decisions about your family and your future. The control should be in your hands.
  • Creative resolutions. Want freedom and advice on how to do things differently? We help you find the ideal, even unconventional resolution.
  • Your time is precious. We know how busy you are. We are flexible to meet your needs and schedule. No time wasting.
  • Amicable & uncomplicated. As we untangle the important matters, we focus on keeping every step amicable and do not inflame emotions.
  • The future is bright. We respect where you are now, and where you want to be when the divorce process is over. We will get you there as seamlessly as possible.
  • Respect for your children. If you have children, we understand that you and your spouse will be forever tied. Our New York City collaborative divorce lawyers respect those ties and help you keep the children as the top priority.
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  • Andrea's communication with me was appropriate, prompt, articulate, and empathetic. I could not be more appreciative of her effort and skill. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone who may require any of her services- divorce client
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