Looking to Save Your Marriage after Financial Betrayal? A Postnuptial Agreement Can Preserve Your Relationship and Your Peace of Mind

Shakespeare famously observed that “the course of true love never did run smooth.” Even the best of marriages go through troubled times. Often the problems relate to money.

When one partner hides money problems from the other, it creates a type of financial infidelity that can be as harmful to the relationship as romantic infidelity. But it is possible to rebuild trust and move forward and, believe it or not, a lawyer can help.

A collaborative family law attorney can help create a postnuptial agreement that enables your marriage to heal after a financial betrayal. Let’s explore how it works.

Facing the Facts

Uncovering financial infidelity can be devastating. You might suddenly learn that your partner has been hiding a gambling addiction, a drug addiction, or even a shopping addiction. Your savings are gone. Or you get a notice from the IRS and learn that your spouse lied about filing the tax returns for the last several years. You worry about the money, but you may worry more about the trust. Can you trust your partner again? Should you? Do you leave yourself open to even greater losses?

If you are willing to forgive your partner, a postnuptial agreement provides a way to move forward. You can rebuild trust while protecting yourself.

What a Postnuptial Agreement Can Do

A postnuptial agreement is a contract between spouses. These agreements can be crafted to cover almost any issue you and your spouse want to address. After financial infidelity, a postnuptial agreement can allow the betrayed spouse to set limits that provide financial and emotional security. This gives the other spouse time to prove they can do what’s right and move forward.

For instance, if a spouse got into debt due to an addiction, both spouses might agree to take out a home equity line of credit to pay off debts. They can then agree in the postnuptial agreement, that if the marriage ends, the spouse who incurred the initial debt will be solely responsible to repay the line of credit.  There may also be obligations in the postnup for the spouse with the addiction to attend therapy or a 12-step program.

The betrayed spouse is protected in case of future infidelity, which removes a great deal of pressure and allows the couple to work on their marriage. Similarly, it offers the betrayer a second chance to make things right.

A Collaborative Approach Provides Maximum Protect with Minimal Conflict

In an instance where trust is broken by financial infidelity, it is often helpful to use the collaborative process to negotiate the terms of an agreement. Each spouse would be represented by their own attorney engaged to protect their specific interests. But instead of fighting for supremacy, as lawyers do in court, collaborative attorneys work together to develop solutions that meet the needs of both parties. 

Vacca Family Law Group Helps Preserve Relationships with Postnuptial Agreements

Problems—even very serious ones—do not necessarily signal the end of a marriage. A postnuptial agreement can create a safe space for a damaged relationship to heal.

To find out more about how we could help you rebuild trust after financial infidelity, contact the experienced team at Vacca Family Law Group for a confidential consultation.