How Millennials Are Making a Prenup the Norm (Video)

Find out why millennials are the fastest-growing group of people are asking for prenuptial agreements and some issues to consider if you think a prenup may be something you need.

 WATCH: 5 Issues To Consider If You’re Thinking About a Prenup by Family Law Attorney Andrea Vacca

What are your first steps if you want a prenup? Every state has different requirements for prenuptial agreements. Don’t expect that a form you download off the internet and sign will be enforceable should you ever need it. Each of you needs to speak with an attorney to fully understand your legal rights, the ramifications if you don’t have a prenup and what the prenup should address if you do. contact me, Andrea Vacca, at Vacca Family Law Group.

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Transcript Hi,  Andrea Vacca here, family law attorney and mediator and I want to talk to you today about prenuptial agreements. I don’t know if you know this, but Millennials are the fastest-growing group of people who are asking for prenuptial agreements, and there are a few reasons for that.First of all, people are getting married later, and they have their own assets. That’s the second reason. The third reason is that they watched their parents’ divorce, so they know what happens in a bad divorce and they just want to make sure they have an agreement it’s going to make things a lot simpler if the marriage ends.I have a checklist of things you might want to think about if you’re considering a prenuptial agreement.  I’m going to go over just five of those tips today: 1. The first most important thing: let your partner know that you want a prenup. Don’t surprise them with it. Talk about it, let them know. I suggest bringing this up at least 6 months before the wedding – any closer to the wedding and you’re really going to risk bringing a lot of more stress to the situation than you need to.2. Contact an attorney as soon as you’ve made the decision that you want a prenup or your fiancé raises the issue with you. There’s a lot of emotional and financial as well as legal issues that go into a prenuptial agreement and you don’t want to waituntil a few weeks before the wedding to start talking about these things. You need to get advice as soon as possible.3. Make sure the negotiations are a conversation with you and your fiancé. You’re trying to set up a good marriage, not an adversarial relationship, so don’t rely on the attorneys to do that negotiation for you. You really want to talk to each other and have attorneys that are encouraging you to have that conversation. Talk about what’s most important to each of you and that’s how you’re going to get an agreement that works and you both feel secure with.4. Make it as simple as possible. You can’t address every, ‘what if ‘that might happen in your marriage and the attorneys willhelp you figure out what really needs to be addressed. Make it as simple and clear as possible.5. Remember this is your agreement; it is not your parent’s agreement. It’s not your friends’ agreement. It’s not your buddy’s agreement. You can get feedback from them, but it’s, in the end, it’s your marriage and it’s your relationship and you have to figure out what works for you and your fiancé.So if this sounds like something you’re interested in and you’d like more tips, I have eight more tips on a checklist.Email me at and in the subject line, just put down ‘prenup checklist’ and we’ll get that right out to you.Thank you