Conscious Coupling: A New Approach to Prenups – Podcast Interview Featuring Andrea Vacca

Recently, I was interviewed on the WORTHY podcast ‘Divorce – and other things you can handle!’ to address the stigma around prenups and how a pragmatic approach can be the foundation for long-lasting romance. Listen to the podcast, and get my tips on how prenups and conscious coupling can create healthier marriages:

In this podcast and in earlier blogs, I’ve discussed that millennials are waiting longer to get married, that they have typically accumulated substantial financial assets before marriage and have probably been negatively impacted by divorce at some point in their lives. This has resulted in a shift towards what I call “conscious coupling.” More so than earlier generations, millennials are likely to see the value of a prenuptial agreement to help avoid arguments, or even worse, having a judge make financial and business decisions for them. Two qualified attorneys or a single mediator will help the couple discuss all the issues and ask all the questions that they may not have known to ask themselves.  Not only will this type of conversation lead to an agreement that helps both parties feel secure, but it will also help to build the communication skills they will need if they want to develop a long and happy marriage.

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How To Write a Prenuptial Agreement

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