Advice from a Special Education Lawyer for Divorcing Parents with Adam Dayan

In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, we welcome guest Adam Dayan. Adam is a special education attorney based in New York. Having founded his own practice in 2009, he represents individuals with special needs and helps their parents/guardians plan for their long-term care. He is also host of The Curious Incident, a podcast for special needs families. Listen to episode 17 of The Curious Incident which features Andrea Vacca!

Tune in to this episode as Adam Dayan talks about: 

 * The services Adam and his firm provides to clients for their children with special needs

 * Suggested list of professionals that parents may want to consult with when considering an evaluation of their special needs child

 * How do divorcing couples settle their viewpoints on their special needs child?

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 * Call: 646-8667157

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