Your Spouse is Not That Charming – A Professional Divorce Mediator Stays Impartial

When you married your spouse, you were swept away by his or her charms. Now that you’re divorcing, you may be concerned that mediation won’t be the right process because you’re convinced that your spouse will sway the mediator in his or her favor. As professional divorce mediators, we can assure you: we will not be swayed by your soon-to-be-ex’s magnetism.

Although your spouse may have what you consider to be wit, wealth or good looks that have allowed him or her to move through life with ease, we assure you that when you are in the mediation room, we see you as just two people who are trying to do the right thing while making hard decisions during a very difficult time in your lives.

As divorce mediators, we are neutral, impartial professionals working on behalf of both of you. The goal is to help you to find a way to resolve your marital conflicts and dissolve your marriage with terms that you each feel are fair and equitable. Unlike your divorce attorney who is there to advocate for you, we are trained to stay neutral to help you find mutual ground and the best solution for your unique situation.

As divorce mediators, we:

  • Help you make decisions and create solutions that make the most sense for you and your family. A judge will not be making those decisions for you.
  • Let you set your own pace. The mediation process can move at whatever speed you and your spouse choose.
  • Coach you to be creative in finding solutions that would not be available through court.
  • Provide confidential and private sessions.
  • Save you legal fees because your attorneys are not typically in the room with you during the mediation sessions.

Our role is to make sure the right questions are asked and answered, to hear what each of you is saying, and to help you each understand the other’s viewpoint. Our job is to understand both your viewpoints: and to help you come to mutual understanding and make your own decisions on your own divorce. Our role is to understand what is important to each of you and to clearly get the issues on the table and resolved in a way that addresses your respective concerns.

Divorce is full of emotions and feelings. As your impartial, neutral divorce mediator we will not be swayed by your spouse’s charms. But we will listen to and try to understand both sides of the underlying causes of conflict in your marriage so that we can help you understand each other, and come to a mutually satisfactory win-win end to your marriage.

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