Why You Need an Attorney for Divorce

Attorney for Divorce

Why do you need an attorney for divorce in New York? You might think it would save time and money to represent yourself but that decision could lead to an outcome that’s unfavorable for you.

A divorce attorney provides guidance throughout the divorce process, helping you to stand up for your interests and achieve your goals. Below, we list several valuable benefits of hiring an experienced divorce lawyer.

Divorce Agreements are Legal Documents

Divorces are legal processes with long-term legally binding agreements. Consulting with an attorney is essential to ensure that you understand the legal landscape and don't make a mistake that could hurt your finances and family.

Without knowledge of the laws and legal jargon surrounding the divorce process, you might miss something important or agree to something that isn’t in your best interests. When you have a divorce lawyer, you can ask legal questions and seek help with the more complex parts of the process, like valuing and dividing marital property, coming up with a parenting schedule that is in the best interests of your children and agreeing to child support and spousal support terms that make financial sense in the long run.

An Attorney Can Help You Understand What You Are Agreeing To

Why else do you need an attorney for divorce in New York? If you choose to waive any of your rights, your attorney can ensure that you are doing so knowingly and purposefully.

If you decide not to hire a lawyer and your spouse does, their attorney could draft an agreement that highly favors your spouse without you realizing it. A divorce lawyer that’s on your side can catch subtle legal phrasing and address any issues before you sign.

Working With an Attorney is a Long-Term Investment

You should view hiring an attorney as a long-term investment that protects your assets, family, and peace of mind now and for the rest of your life. With your attorney's counsel, you won't risk making mistakes you'll regret later and have to fix down the road.

The attorneys at Vacca Family Law Group have sadly met too many clients who come to us after their divorce where they had waived their right to consult with a lawyer because they didn’t want to spend the time or money getting competent legal advice. They then realized one, two, or many years later that they made a grave mistake and had taken much less than they were entitled to or had promised to give more than they were able to. Not only were their interests now in jeopardy, but their relationship with the ex-spouse and children was in jeopardy because of the conflicts that were now arising.  If these clients had worked with an attorney during the creation of the agreement, they could have negotiated for better and more equitable terms.

A Divorce Attorney Can Give You Peace of Mind

So why do you need an attorney for divorce in New York? When you’re going through a divorce, whether it’s contested or uncontested, it’s never easy. Your decisions can easily become clouded by strong emotions. By hiring an experienced divorce attorney, you can ask for their objective opinion, which is based on their detailed knowledge of the laws and their experience with other divorce cases.

By hiring a reliable advocate who is looking out for your interests, you'll have peace of mind that you navigated your divorce strategically and sought a fair settlement that protects your interests and your children. You won't have to wonder "What if?" and worry you made a mistake or a wrong decision.

The skilled attorneys at Vacca Family Law Group can be your legal guides and understanding supporters. Contact us today at 212-768-1115 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss how our attorneys can support you during your divorce.