Why a Former Litigator Wants You to Keep Your Divorce Out of Court with Marcos Fernandez

In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, we welcome guest Marcos Fernandez, Senior Associate Attorney at Vacca Family Law Group. Marcos exclusively employs a non-adversarial and collaborative approach to resolving matrimonial and family law matters. With nine years of experience in matrimonial and commercial litigation, Marcos understands the various challenges his clients face if they end up in court. His awareness of the financial and emotional risks litigation poses to families enables him to face confrontation and conflict head-on and skillfully address challenges that arise during mediation and the collaborative divorce process.

Tune in to this episode for insights from Marcos Fernandez:

 * What drew Marcos from his career in traditional adversarial law to collaborative divorce matrimonial law

 * How to know if mediation is the right or wrong process for you and your family — questions for couples to ask themselves when determining what type of divorce is best 

 * What makes mediation and collaborative law harder as a lawyer than litigation

 * The importance of making enforceable agreements 

 * Negotiations: Interest-based versus position-based

Learn more about Marcos Fernandez:

 * Read more about Marcos at the Vacca Family Law Group: https://www.vaccalaw.com/team/marcos-fernandez/

 * Connect with Marcos on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcos-fernandez-62856232/

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