Vacca Family Law Group Welcomes Associate Jamie Baum

Vacca Family Law Group is delighted to announce that Jamie Baum, Esq. has joined our team as our newest Associate Attorney. Jamie has several years of experience working with divorcing clients in various roles, including as a paralegal and legal assistant in private law firms both before and during law school, and as a judicial family law clerk following her graduation. Her work in the court system not only gave her invaluable insights into how matrimonial and family issues are handled when litigated but also confirmed for her that such issues are best handled outside the court system.

Jamie’s commitment to understanding the complexities of family law and advocating for peaceful resolutions aligns perfectly with our mission of helping couples dissolve their marriages amicably outside of the courtroom. At Vacca Family Law Group, we prioritize empowering our clients to make their own decisions about their families and futures, and Jamie shares this commitment wholeheartedly.

Jamie’s passion for family law and dedication to providing compassionate and effective legal solutions make her a valuable addition to our team. We are excited to welcome Jamie, and we are confident that she will make a significant impact in assisting our clients through their most challenging family law matters.