Understanding Your Fears and Letting Go of Control with Sharon Pope


A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, Episode 41

In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast, Andrea Vacca is joined by Sharon Pope, Certified Master Life Coach and International Best-Selling Author on love and relationships. Sharon works with couples and individuals, helping them navigate the complexities of love and relationships. Her seven-time best-selling books and renowned podcast, “The Loving Truth” have provided insight and support to countless people seeking clarity in their relationships.

Tune in to this episode to hear about:

  • Preparing for the Divorce Conversation: Learn Sharon's "Big Three" strategies (when, where, and what to say) to help you thoughtfully and compassionately discuss your decision to divorce with your spouse.
  • Navigating Control and Fear in Divorce: Understand how fear makes it difficult to give up control and discover ways to release these fears to move forward.
  • Shifting Resentment to Peace: Insights into how to move away from resentment and blame to create a healthier post-divorce relationship.
  • Putting Kids First: The importance of being kind, gracious, and truly putting your children’s well-being at the forefront of your decisions.
  • Co-Parenting Post-Divorce: How to transition to a positive co-parenting relationship where both parents feel empowered and capable of working together.

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A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca

A Better Divorce with Andrea Vacca is for those contemplating divorce or in the middle of the process and want to hear expert advice about how to navigate the emotional, legal, and financial issues in a more positive way, so they not only survive, but THRIVE after their divorce.

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