What is Mediation?

The attorneys at Vacca Family Law Group are committed to keeping the focus on your interests and goals in the mediation process. First, we’ll talk through all the issues that need to be considered and agreed on before creating a separation agreement. This includes factors such as:

  • division of assets,
  • spousal support, and
  • child custody.

By understanding your goals, concerns, and needs, we can help you find more options than you may have ever thought possible.

Although many clients are eager to reach a resolution, they are uncertain about how to make a decision. As a mediator, Andrea Vacca can offer an option based on the factors each party has shown to be important while protecting relationships moving forward.

The Benefits of Mediation

While a traditional courtroom battle pits one spouse against the other and leads to a result that neither party is happy with, mediation is designed to produce an agreement that works for both parties and their children.

Resolving conflict through the mediation process can prevent spouses from investing their time, money, and energy in a potentially lengthy litigation process.  Moreover, mediation typically produces a conclusion faster than court procedures.  As an additional bonus, mediation is comparably civil, allowing spouses to avoid potentially uncomfortable drama that can arise in litigation, which can leave one or both parties feeling as if they have been punished.