The Benefits of Non-Adversarial Divorce for Same-Sex and Non-Nuclear Families


A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, Episode 43

In this episode of "A Better Divorce Podcast," Andrea Vacca is joined by family law attorney and mediator, Diana Adams. Diana is the owner of boutique LGBTQIA family law & mediation practice Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC, founded in 2007, providing divorce & family transition mediation, collaborative practice, and when requested, conscious uncoupling. Diana specializes in divorce and family transition services through mediation and collaborative practice, with a focus on serving LGBTQIA clients, their platonic partners, poly-amorous clients, and non-nuclear modern families. Diana is also the founder and Executive Director of Chosen Family Law Center, a 501C3 nonprofit providing family-building services to low-income LGBTQIA families & advocating for a more inclusive definition of family, as articulated in their popular TED talk released in 2022 "Why US Laws Must Expand Beyond the Nuclear Family".

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • The benefits and emotional satisfaction of resolving divorce conflicts through collaborative divorce and mediation, especially over litigation.
  • The specific challenges and considerations in same-sex divorces, particularly concerning the division of marital property and the negotiation of child custody.
  • Diana’s insights on navigating open and poly-amorous relationships within the context of marriage and divorce.
  • The concept of conscious uncoupling and the use of positive divorce rituals to facilitate healthier transitions.
  • Strategies for ensuring equitable solutions in divorces, particularly for non-traditional families, through creative and thoughtful negotiation.

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