I’m Considering Divorce in NY, What Should I Do Next? How to Build Your Strong Support Team [Webinar Replay]

Deciding that your marriage has come to an end and you want to divorce is one of the most challenging and most important decisions you will make. How do you build a strong support team to help you through the process?

In this 30-minute webinar hosted by mediator and collaborative divorce attorney Andrea Vacca, and UNtied divorce support group founder Elise Pettus, you will learn:

✓ Why you need a trusted divorce support team
✓ Who are the key people you need on your divorce team - and how to find them
✓ How to find educational resources and emotional support groups
✓ The difference between a strong support team and a Greek Chorus
✓ Strategies to plan for a happy, healthy future

Join the countless families that have benefited from the legal and divorce advice from Andrea Vacca and Elise Pettus.