Larchmont Area Collaborative Divorce Attorney

While no one likes the prospect of divorce, it can happen to many couples. Everyone has heard stories about combative divorce proceedings, but what if there was another way? If both spouses agree to a more friendly process, you can avoid the more stressful aspects of a divorce and form an out-of-court agreement that both sides can live with. 

At Vacca Family Law Group, we help clients who want to utilize a collaborative divorce in the Larchmont area to settle their divorce out of court. With our help, you can find solutions that both parties can accept. Working with Vacca Family Law Group gives you access to the discreet and less contentious process of collaborative divorce. 

About Vacca Family Law Group

Vacca Family Law Group helps clients dissolve their marriage while avoiding litigation and contentious court dates. We're confident in our ability to help you reach less combative solutions through collaborative divorce. Our attorneys work hard to maintain excellent levels of client satisfaction, and satisfied clients throughout the Larchmont and surrounding area know us as professional, solution-driven lawyers. 

Andrea Vacca, our founding attorney, is President of the Board of Directors of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. Andrea was also the associate director of the National Association of Divorce Professionals, a testament to her years of experience in this legal area. Attorney Vacca is also a member of the New York Women’s Bar Association, International Association of Collaborative Professionals, and other professional legal organizations. With all of the experience that Andrea and her team can bring to your case, you can rest easy with us on your side. Let us handle your case while you focus on your future and rebuilding your life. 

Vacca Family Law Group Practice Areas

At Vacca Family Law Group, we serve clients with many kinds of family law needs in the Larchmont area. We have extensive experience resolving cases such as child support issues, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, asset and property division, spousal support settlements, and collaborative divorce.

Once you retain a collaborative divorce attorney from Vacca Family Law Group, you and your spouse can settle your divorce outside of a court setting instead of fighting in a long and contentious court process. Throughout this process, our divorce attorneys make sure you know all of your options, rights, and responsibilities. Let us help you reach a peaceful resolution to your divorce that reflects your wishes and moves you forward toward your goals for the future. 

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If you need a collaborative divorce attorney in Larchmont or the surrounding area, contact Vacca Family Law Group. We'll answer any questions you have about the collaborative divorce process. Let us expand your available options and offer legal counsel and advice. To begin the process, contact our office today by phone at 212-768-1115.