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Unfortunately, the divorce process is often difficult for everyone involved. But it doesn't have to be a fight to the end. If both people are willing to collaborate, there's another way to proceed. Collaborative divorce is the process of working together toward a common solution that both parties can accept. You and your spouse can make things easier on each other and get through the whole process more quickly if you agree on some common goals. If getting through this phase without a fight is something both parties want, then you should consider a collaborative divorce.

Vacca Family Law Group has plenty of experience serving clients with collaborative divorce methods in the Chappaqua area. Our skilled divorce attorneys can help you stay out of the courtroom, utilizing the best options for you and your entire family. When you choose Vacca Family Law Group, you can take advantage of the discretion and mutual benefits of collaborative divorce.

About Vacca Family Law Group

Vacca Family Law Group has the skill and experience to help clients in Chappaqua and the surrounding area. Our founding lawyer, Andrea Vacca, has served as the associate director of the National Association of Divorce Professionals. Currently, she is the President of the Board of Directors of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. In addition, Andrea is a member of the New York Women’s Bar Association, the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, and other legal organizations. Andrea is devoted to helping all the clients that Vacca Family Law Group represents gain the closure they deserve when seeking a divorce. 

If you want to end your marriage without litigation or conflict in the courtroom, the legal team at Vacca Family Law Group have the experience to help you reach a friendly agreement through a collaborative divorce. Our attorneys proudly maintain an excellent level of client satisfaction with our work, and we're known throughout the industry as knowledgeable, solution-driven lawyers. Vacca Family Law Group can help build your case, so you can focus on getting through this emotional period and look toward rebuilding your future.

Vacca Family Law Group Practice Areas

Vacca Family Law Group is always ready and willing to serve clients with family law needs in the Chappaqua area. We frequently negotiate property and asset division, child support issues, pre- and postnuptial agreements, spousal support, and of course, collaborative divorce. Our team often resolves disputes between high net-worth couples and finalizes complex settlement agreements. No case is too difficult or extraordinary for us to handle, because we've already seen it all. 

If you and your partner want to settle your divorce out of court, working with one of our collaborative divorce lawyers is your logical choice. Our attorneys will make sure you're aware of all your options and keep you fully informed, so you can take advantage of your rights and fulfill your responsibilities while your divorce moves forward. 

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If you want to work with an attorney in Chappaqua and the surrounding area who has the skill and experience to guide you through divorce without going to court, reach out to Vacca Family Law Group. We can answer all of your questions about the collaborative divorce process and determine the best path forward for you and your future. Call us today at 212-768-1115. We look forward to serving you.