Planning for Long-Term Financial Security After Divorce with Mindi Wernick

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In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, we welcome guest Mindi Wernick, founder of Amethyst Wealth Planning, a Psycho Soulful Financial Planning firm.

Tune in to this episode as Mindi talks about:

* the meaning and benefit of psycho soulful financial planning
* using divorce as a transition time to review all relationships, including your relationship with money
* tending your financial garden
* what to do when you feel overwhelmed with the new responsibility of managing your own money

Mindi Wernick is the Founder of Amethyst Wealth Planning, a Psycho-soulful financial planning firm.

Amethyst Wealth Planning offers holistic financial planning, Wealth Management, and Risk Management. Their mission is to provide creative strategy for comfort, clarity, and confidence.
Mindi has been serving her clients in Financial Services for over 16 years and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yeshiva University.

Mindi loves walking in nature, photographing flowers, and leading prayer services for her synagogue. She has been a resident of Brooklyn for over 24 years and lives with her spouse Malkie and three sons.

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