Navigating the Financial Nuances of Gray Divorce with Larry Heller


A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, Episode 42

In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast, Andrea Vacca is joined by Larry Heller, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and President of Heller Wealth Management, an independent, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm helping individuals, families, and business owners enhance the quality of their lives through complete financial advice.

Tune in to this episode to hear about:

  • The Gray Divorce: Larry’s perspective as a certified CDFA, including the key differences he sees in a couple divorcing in their fifties and beyond versus a younger couple
  • Retirement Planning Considerations During Divorce: Advice on what to do regarding retirement savings distribution when divorcing
  • Post-Divorce Financial Planning: Larry walks through a checklist of financial considerations for after your divorce, including topics such as health insurance, life insurance, hiring new financial professionals, and investments
  • The Financial and Emotional Decisions Around the Marital Home: What each spouse should consider when making decisions about the marital home and whether they should buy or rent next
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A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca

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