Mediating Pet Disputes in Divorce with Debra Hamilton

In this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, we welcome Debra Hamilton, Principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation. Debra is an author, conflict coach, pet care planner, and mediator for people who love their animals and are currently in or want to avoid a disagreement over their beloved animals. 

Tune in to this episode as Debra talks about: 

 * Debra’s decision to shut down her litigation practice to start Hamilton Law Mediation where she solely helps people in conflict over animals

 * Debra’s role in handling family pets in the divorce process

 * Why it’s important to realize that “your pet doesn’t hate your ex”

 * How the court in New York State decides what the “best interest of the pet” is 

 * Financial issues that should be considered

 * Common custody arrangements used to resolve time sharing with pets 

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