January Is Divorce Month: Why It’s So Common to Begin Seeking a Divorce in January

Seek a Divorce in January

The holidays are over, the kids are back in school, and the credit cards are showing the effects of holiday shopping and travel. All these factors may contribute to the trend of couples across the country setting up divorce consultations in January. That’s right, January is “Divorce Month.” 

If you are someone who has decided that the new year is going to be the year you end your marriage, choosing an experienced divorce attorney from a non-adversarial family law firm can help keep divorce negotiations with your soon-to-be ex-spouse civil while helping you achieve  an equitable and durable agreement. Let’s explore why statistics show that calls to divorce lawyers increase in January.

You Discussed Divorce Before the Holidays But Waited Until They Were Over to Take Action 

If you and your spouse have children, you may have already discussed divorce, but decided to provide your children with a final holiday season that wasn’t marred by their parent’s separation or divorce. You were willing to put on a brave face for your children, as well as your extended family, to keep everyone’s spirits up.  However, now that the holidays are over, there is no denying that it’s time to move forward, speak with divorce lawyers, and choose a process that will best help you and your spouse reach an agreement on all the financial and child-related issues that need to be addressed. 

Dysfunctional Family Dynamics Were on Full Display During the Holidays

While some couples delay announcing they are divorcing to protect their extended family, others find that the tense relationship with their in-laws was a trigger for calling it quits. Putting everyone together under one roof for several days in a row over the holidays can stir up family feuds and reopen old wounds. Additionally, you or your spouse may feel pressure to choose sides between people you love.

After cooking all day and welcoming family into your home, a poorly timed comment from your mother-in-law about the dinner you prepared might leave you feeling unappreciated in the marriage if your spouse doesn’t confront their mother about her criticism in front of the rest of the family.

A spouse’s support can make all the difference in knowing where you stand in the family dynamics of the holidays. If there has been a pattern of behavior where your spouse does not appreciate your efforts or doesn’t support you unconditionally, upsets over the holidays could be a trigger that has you considering divorce.

Holiday Spending Highlighted Financial Discord

Finances can make or break a relationship. If one spouse is comfortable spending and incurring debt, but the other is always stressed about the balance in their savings account, the financial dynamic of the couple may not be suitable.

Overspending on the holidays can start your new year budget in the red. If one spouse goes overboard during the holidays and the other recognizes this as a recurring pattern, the thriftier spouse may see this as a final straw and determine that they no longer want to be married to someone who cannot manage money responsibly.

Couples May Want to Divorce Before the Next Tax Season

Many couples cite that they want to be able to file their taxes under the “single” marital status. However, remember that your taxes are for the preceding year. Even if you start a  divorce process in January, there is a chance you may still be married by the end of December. Choosing a divorce process that is as streamlined as possible will be important if getting divorced this year is one of your goals.

Contact a New York Divorce Lawyer if You’re Considering a Divorce in the New Year

Many people undergo a period of self-reflection to start the New Year. “New Year, New Me” is a popular phrase to describe how people hope to reinvent themselves. Sometimes, people realize that a new self includes a divorce.

There are several reasons why the number of divorce cases increases this time of year. January is Divorce Month for many family law firms. If you’re considering divorce this January, contact us at Vacca Family Law Group. Call us at 646-491-8818 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.