Why is January Considered Divorce Month?

Divorce Will Affect Your Adult Children

With the new year comes new beginnings—the holiday decorations are packed away, the kids head back to school, and many of us are inspired to start anew. Due to these and various other factors, many couples reevaluate their relationships at the beginning of the year, resulting in a surge in divorce inquiries in January. That is why legal professionals have given January the nickname "Divorce Month." But what exactly prompts so many couples to consider divorce at the start of the year? In this blog, we explore some of the factors that contribute to the surge in divorce inquiries in January.

1. Post-Holiday Decision-Making

For some couples, the decision to divorce may have been on the table before the holidays. However, a desire to provide one last harmonious holiday season for the children and extended family can lead to a delay in taking formal action. Once the festivities conclude, reality sets in and couples are prompted to seek legal counsel to begin navigating the complexities of their financial and child-related issues.

2. Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

The holiday season, often portrayed as a time of joy and togetherness, can sometimes reveal underlying tensions. When couples experiencing conflict are placed in the pressure-cooker environment of holiday gatherings, unresolved issues can be brought to light. Disagreements with in-laws, a lack of emotional support from one's spouse during family events, or simply too much time socializing may serve as catalysts for couples considering divorce.

3. Financial Strain from Holiday Spending

Finances often place a strain on relationships, and the excesses of holiday spending can amplify existing issues. Different attitudes towards money management, especially when one spouse is comfortable with spending and incurring debt while the other stresses about financial stability, can strain the fabric of a relationship. Recognizing these financial discordances, particularly if they persist, may lead couples to contemplate divorce.

4. Tax Considerations

A common motivation cited by couples seeking divorce in January is the desire to file taxes as "single" individuals. While the intent is clear, it's crucial to understand that tax filings reflect the marital status of the preceding year. To align divorce timelines with tax goals, you should choose a streamlined divorce process such as collaborative divorce or mediation.

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January's reputation as "Divorce Month" is rooted in various emotional, financial, and practical factors that converge as the new year unfolds. From lingering post-holiday realizations to pragmatic tax considerations, the reasons behind this surge in divorce inquiries are varied. If you're considering divorce in the new year, you are not alone. The first step in understanding your situation and evaluating your options is seeking the support and guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer or coach.

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