Investing After Divorce with David Edwards

Investing After Divorce with David EdwardsIn this episode of A Better Divorce Podcast with Andrea Vacca, we welcome guest David Edwards, President & Wealth Advisor of Heron Wealth in New York City.

Tune in to this episode as David talks about: 

  • Why each spouse should have their own investment advisor during a divorce
  • The number one mistake he sees spouses make during divorce
  • How managing emotions during a divorce affects the outcome
  • How to go about finding a new investment advisor after divorce
  • The most common fears he hears after divorce, as he moves clients from fear to joy

David Edwards is president and founder of Heron Wealth, which provides financial planning NYC, investment advice and estate planning services to individuals and families across the United States and in Europe.

David graduated from Hamilton College with a concentration in History and Mathematics, and holds an MBA in General Management from Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

David contributed over 100 columns to He is quoted frequently in the press. David is a member of the Investment Adviser Association serving on the Legislation and Technology committees, and is an advisory board member for eMoney.

Prior to founding Heron Wealth, he was associated with Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Nomura Securities developing investment products and quantitative trading models.

David competes in sailing regattas from New England to the Caribbean and coaches a home town team in New York Harbor.

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