How to Navigate the Early Stages of Divorce

New York collaborative divorce and mediation lawyer Andrea Vacca spoke to Marysol Castro of Pix11 Morning News and was asked whether there really is a divorce season (the answer is YES!) and to offer some divorce tips for how to navigate the early stages of divorce. Thanks to Elizabeth Martin for sharing her divorce story. 

WATCH: NYC Divorce Attorney Andrea Vacca: How to Navigate the Early Stages of Divorce

Key points in the video include:

  • Divorce Is Seasonal
    January – March is the most common time for people to file for divorce because they want to get through the holidays for their children, family and friends, and then they can begin to look forward to making a change.
  • Divorce is a Legal, Emotional and Financial Situation
    Build a good divorce team including
    • a lawyer who will help you calm your emotions and deal with things practically
    • a financial professional to understand what you owe, own and what you’re spending
    • a child specialist to assist with child-related issues
  • Mediation
    Mediation is a great option but if a couple tries to rush the process, they may neglect to address important issues and end up in litigation later. Take your time to choose the best divorce process for you and consider collaborative divorce if you want to negotiate a settlement without the fear of court and save money compared to a traditional divorce.

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