Holiday Planning During Divorce: Putting Children First

The holidays are stressful. Divorce makes them even more so. However, when you put the needs of the children first, decision-making becomes a lot easier. There are creative solutions available through the collaborative divorce process to celebrate the holidays during your divorce and after your divorce is final. Vacca Family Law Group has a 3-part series on holiday planning during divorce.


Holiday Planning During Divorce: Putting the Children First

  1. Think About Holiday Traditions From Your Child’s View Point
  2. Let’s Talk About Specific Holidays: Think Creatively and Sensibly
  3. Winter Break/Christmas and Hanukkah
  4. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  5. Hanukkah
    How the Collaborative Divorce Process Helps Parents Find Creative Solutions to Celebrate the Holidays with More Ease
  6. Creative Solutions
  7. Nesting
  8. Spending the Holidays Together
    Holiday Planning After the Divorce Is Final
  9. Handling The Holidays Post-Divorce
  10. Flexible Thinking (to a point)
  11. Be Considerate of Your Child’s Love for Their Other Parent