High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is a complex legal matter, and high net worth divorce is particularly complicated. Vacca Family Law Group understands that high net worth couples who are divorcing have complicated financial affairs to protect and that they value discretion and privacy. The Vacca Family Law Group has extensive experience with high net-worth divorce cases that involve long-term marriages and complex asset and valuation issues.

High net-worth families value privacy and control and there are considerable benefits afforded to couples who choose to keep their high net worth divorce out of court and choose collaborative divorce or divorce mediation instead:

  • Specialized Support
    High-net-worth divorces can be complicated and the best results come from a team approach. Collaborative divorce uses specialized professionals such as divorce coaches, family specialists and financial neutrals to form a team to assist with the complicated financial and emotional issues surrounding complex divorces. These professionals are available to help couples who are using divorce mediation as well.
  • Flexibility and Privacy
    Keeping your divorce “under the radar” and out of court means that you will have more opportunities to come up with creative solutions that suit your unique circumstances. These are often solutions that a judge could never provide because of limitations imposed upon them by the law. Additionally, negotiations are private so that information about your family and your assets will never be disclosed in an open courtroom.
  • Control Your Destiny
    People with high net worth are accustomed to calling the shots in their life. If you don’t like people making decisions for you, why would you give up control to a judge who knows nothing about you and may not be able to relate to your situation? This is one of the main reasons why we recommend that court should be the last resort for your divorce.

The divorce process is a stressful time for all families. High net worth divorce has added complications, risks and stress due to the need to divide complex financial assets and the costs needed to maintain the lifestyle to which the family has become accustomed. There are serious long-term consequences in high net worth divorce cases. The divorce attorney or mediator you choose can make the difference in the outcome of your divorce and the life that you and your children have in the future.

At Vacca Family Law Group, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to offer you personalized and discreet representation. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation and needs.