Divorce Without Court: A More Peaceful Solution – New eBook

New eBook by Andrea Vacca: Divorce Without Court: A More Peaceful Solution

Do you assume divorce pits one spouse against the other, resulting in a nasty battle where no one actually wins and children are the collateral damage?

When most people think of divorce, they envision a courtroom slugfest and a process that drags on for years, resulting in serious financial problems, unhappy children, and lifelong resentment towards their spouse.

This is not how your divorce has to be.

Yes, divorce is absolutely a painful, emotional process. Your relationship is ending and you’re trying to build a future without your spouse. There’s a lot that needs to be decided, but the truth is that you can end your marriage in a way that minimizes conflict, is civilized, and lets you both walk away with a doable plan for the future.

If you want to have a non-adversarial divorce, stay out of court and choose collaborative divorce or divorce mediation instead. These alternatives help you end your marriage, resolve all of the financial issues before you, determine custody of your children, and allow you and your spouse to move forward in the best possible way, with respect, empathy, and good wishes for each other, without going to war.

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Whether you choose collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, a non-adversarial approach to divorce will benefit everyone in your family and help you end your marriage with as little conflict as possible. Avoiding the drama, high emotions, and impersonal nature of the courtroom and handling your divorce privately will set you on a positive path for the future.

Family law and divorce attorney Andrea Vacca wrote Divorce Without Court: A more peaceful solution because she wants everyone who is considering a divorce to know that it does not have to be a war and that mediation and the collaborative divorce process are much better options.

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