Collaborative Divorce with Andrea Vacca on The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

I was interviewed on the Kate Anthony Divorce Survival Podcast about how Collaborative Divorce offers a way to bring respect to the divorce process and work with professionals who model the behavior you wish to express. In the end, everyone’s going to be better off; you, your spouse, and most importantly, your children:

We discuss Collaborative Divorce as aprocess that includes creating a roadmap for your divorce and specifically details the jobs for each member of the team, including:

  1. How you will be working together
  2. The need for transparency and honesty
  3. How the process will come to an end

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Show Highlights

  • Collaborative Divorce – what the hell is it? (7:37)
  • The difference between mediation and Collaborative Divorce (10:25)
  • How Andrea came to work in Collaborative Divorce (11:00)
  • Collaborative colleagues offer a different mindset to divorce (21:00)
  • How to know whether you should meditate or do Collaborative Divorce (15:26)
  • Andrea shares the story of her parents’ divorce and how it affected her family (30:04)
  • How to start a conversation about Collaborative Divorce with your spouse (40:00)
  • What is positive psychology and how it plays into Andrea’s work as a Collaborative professional (43:16)
  • Collaborative Divorce can help high-conflict couples through the divorce process (48:00)

If you want a #NoCourtDivorce and want to discuss the collaborative divorce team approach to divorce, contact us Vacca Family Law Group.