9 Tips To Reduce Divorce Attorney Costs

I recently contributed to a Forbes Next Avenue article '8 Ways to Lower the Cost of a Divorce.' Divorce in New York can be expensive. With planning and some DIY homework, you can lower the attorney fees for your divorce. Here are my top eight ways to reduce divorce attorney costs wherever you live.

  1. Think about holiday traditions from your child’s view point
  2. Divorce mediation can save you money.
  3. Discuss how to divide assets with your spouse.
  4. Agree on the worth of your high-value assets.
  5. If you have to litigate, find a divorce attorney near the courthouse.
  6. My best tip to save on legal fees is to simply avoid using the court system.
  7. Hire a divorce coach.
  8. Practice mindfulness.

To learn more about each of my tips to reduce divorce attorney costs, see my blog post, A New York Divorce Lawyer’s Tips to Reduce Attorney Costs.