7 Tips for a Child-Centered Divorce

In a child-centered divorce, the parents keep the physical and emotional needs of their children as their primary concern. Every decision the parents make is through that lens: How will this affect our children? What is important to our kids now and in the future? Wise parents understand that they may not know what is best for their children because they may not have gone through a divorce before.

7tips for child centered
  1. Tell the Children About the Divorce Together
  2. Only Tell Them What They Need to Know
  3. Try Not to Seem Obsessed with or Talk Constantly About the Divorce in Front of the Children
  4. Don’t Talk Disrespectfully About Your Spouse in Front of the Children
  5. Assess and Offer Additional Support for the Children
  6. Choose the Collaborative Divorce Process or Mediation
  7. Plan for the Children’s Future