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Andy Boehmke

Client Relations Director

Andy Boehmke, Client Relations Director

Hello, I'm Andy, the Client Relations Director at Vacca Family Law Group. I look forward to learning about your needs and goals, helping you explore the services we offer, and introducing you to one of our highly-skilled and dedicated attorneys, who will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

I joined Vacca Family Law Group in 2020, and have worked in the family law and mediation fields for over ten years. While my prior experience was more wide-ranging - encompassing paralegal work and practice management, as well as client relations - I'm excited to be focusing all of my attention on helping our clients find the right process and professionals for their needs.

I've worked with traditional litigation attorneys, as well as attorneys trained in alternative dispute resolution models. So I've had an opportunity to see first-hand how non-adversarial processes like mediation can help families transition through difficult changes, make important decisions together, and keep the emphasis on problem solving and workable solutions. I love being a part of a team that helps make all of that happen.